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July Reading Roundup | Book Reviews

Hi, I would normally do a single book review but as I have four books to review I decided it was best for everyone if I grouped them all together in one post. In total I have read five books this month, the fifth which is missing from this post was 'Only Ever Yours' which I reviewed as part of the #SassyBooks book club, read my review here. This is a crazy amount of books for me to have read and I'm a little in shock that I have read all of these in such a short amount of time.

A Flash of Blue
Author - Maria Farrer
Page Count - 344
First Published -2015

A young adult book, the story is told from the perspective of Amber a teenage girl who's brother Liam suddenly dies. The story is about how she copes with the loss and the effect it has on her life and the others around her. Amber has guilt attached to her brothers death, she feels it's in some way her doing because she took something of his on the day he died. There's a element of a hanging question as he was going to tell her something but never got the chance. Liam's best friend Tyler was with him when he died and their father blames him. Tyler moves away and it isn't until the anniversary of Liam's death that Amber sees him again. I don't want to give too much away, the story kicks off from there and becomes a journey of been caught up with the wrong people, secrets and misunderstood feelings.

This was a super easy read and a quick one too, I finished this book within just two nights of starting it. Even though it is a quick read it's a fully formed story which feels nice and finished at the end. The characters are well written, I could feel myself getting annoyed and worried for characters at points.

The Broken
Author - Tamar Cohen
Page Count - 398
First Published - 2014
This is the story of two couples and how their relationships are tested when one couple separates. The other couple try to stay out of the mess which the break up has become, but they inevitably get caught up in it. There as split loyalties between the couple as they are both still friends with the now separated couple. Their four year old daughter is like a sister to the other couples four year old, which creates it's own problems. It doesn't help the situation that the man from the relationship who broke it up is now living with a 25 year old model, only weeks after he left. 

There are some really real issues brought up in this story and I really enjoyed seeing how the characters reacted to all the different situations. This is a pretty grown up subject different from the young adult novels I normally read and quite mundane because of it. There are these weird diary entries at the end of the chapters which don't relate to any of the named characters, these end up explaining a lot when you get to the end and things become more apparent, it was a nice little twist to the book which made it more than just a break up story.

The Murder Wall
Author - Mari Hannah
Page Count - 457
First Published - 2012

A story of Murder, the first page of the book is a shocker with the rather brutal rape and murder of a teenage girl but the rest of the book is quite toned down in comparison, althow there are other moments of adult content which isn't appropriate for younger readers. The main character is Chief Inspector Kate Daniels, she stumbles upon the murdered teenage girl and vicar at her childhood hometown while visiting the church her mother used to go too. The story picks up a year after the murder which remains unsolved. Daniels is put on a murder case as the Senior Investigating Officer. When she visits the crime scene she recognizes the victim but fails to disclose the fact, risking her job. She is too emotionally involved in the case because of this but it's too late.

There is an element of who done it, but then the book quite quickly points the finger at the murderer. I found the ending to be rather anti climatic as well, but I did enjoy the story. This book has 100 chapters in total some only two pages long, I really like a book with short chapters it just makes me feel like I've accomplished something when I can read ten chapters in one night, must have helped me to read the book quicker as well.

Ways to Live Forever
Author - Sally Nicholls
Page Count - 205
First Published - 2008

This is a really simple little read, the book really isn't that thick. It is classed as a children's book and won the Waterstones Children's book of the year among other awards. It is about Sam a boy who has Leukemia. The book is made up of diary entries about Sam's day to day life with a mixture of lists and questions from the perspective of a dying eleven year old boy. The book touches on some real issues regarding his family and the mental state of a child with Cancer. 

The book ends in such a way that I felt genuinely sad, but I really recommend this book if you want something short to past the time. The book is beautifully put together as if it is Sam's own work book where he has been writing his story, it just adds to the overall feel of the book.

Thanks for reading. Hope I have inspired you to do some reading of your own. If you have any recommendations please let me know. What is your favourite book genre?

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