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A Catch Up | York Highlights

Hi, I've been back from my camping trip a week now. York was a nice break away from it all, I don't think I took many photo but that's nothing new for me, it's something I really need to work on. Oh well I'll just have to tell you what I did instead, which honestly wasn't all that much other than eat at a few nice places and read continuously for 4 days, bliss.

- York Minster and a map of York -

We arrived about midday, after a short drive of about an hour, to a very busy campsite which had only been open for three days. We managed to pitch the tent in a grand total of 15 minuets which I think is a record. After that we went for a little supermarket shop for the essentials (Cider mainly) and then sat in the sun for the afternoon reading. We had some BBQ chicken skewers for tea which were super yummy. This was the night of the storm, proper fork lightening and very heavy rain, a little worrying when you're only in a tent.

With camping the sunlight wakes you up at the crack of dawn. So reading time pretty much starts then if you can't get back to sleep. Later in the day we headed to the Evil Eye bar and had a drink or two and then headed to the Sam Smith pub The Kings Arms. We opted to eat at Yo!Sushi taking advantage of the blue Monday menu. I tried the salmon and avacardo hand roll, it was so delicious. We had loads to eat and the bill came to just under £30, which for two is a bargain.

- Playing Pool and Beers at Evil Eye -

This was the day that it rained and rained and rained, until about four in the afternoon when we headed out to find some food. We started at the Evil Eye for a drink and then ended up at the Wetherspoons named the punch bowl, where I got the Mexican burger which was really nice. We then tracked down a little pub called the priory which had a pool table so we could have a few games before returning to the tent for the night.

- Pints at the Kings Arms and Cosmo Restaurant -

Another wet day, we headed to Cosmo for tea. It's an all you can eat which servers food from all over the world. You can have Pizza, Carvery, Sushi and curry all under one roof. This was a place we found on our last visit and have been really looking forward to going back. The heavens opened as we left the restaurant so we had to walk back in the very heavy rain. It's not the shortest of walks so we where quite wet but hiding under trees was fun.

This was by far the nicest day of the week. We headed into town purely to get some stuff to have a BBQ. We opted to buy from the market as you can buy smaller amounts, we got burgers (I had lamb) and mackerel. I was really happy to have finally been able to have a proper BBQ, the appearance of the sun was also welcome to dry the tent off before our departure and it stayed really warm until late.

Home time! had a very lazy morning, breakfast and then started to pack up. Again we managed to put the tent down in record time. Packed up everything into the tiny Metro car, I still don't understand how it all fit.

I had a lovely week off and it feels super weird to be back at work but I'm sure that won't last that long. I finished two books and got more than half way through a third, so a pretty productive reading session. I have slight holiday blues now and really want to organize my next trip away for something to look forward too. If you made it this far congratulations and thanks for reading.

Do you have any travel plans?

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