Sunday, July 19, 2015

Budget Spot Fighting Products | Witch Hazel and Tea Tree

Hi, I've put together a list of budget spot fighting products I use to keep my skin under control. Thankfully my teenage acne seems to have finally calmed down, which I should hope so too at 26. I still get hormonal outbreaks and that is why I keep these products close. I just want to point out that all these products contain Witch Hazel, Tea Tree or a mixture of both. Embracing natural ingredients with spot fighting properties has helped my skin out so much.

The Body Shop | Tea Tree Toner - £5.00/250ml 

The basics: A refreshing toner, which cleans away impurities. This is a tea tree based product, it contains white willow bark and fair trade organic tea tree oil.

Directions: To use this product you have to give the bottle a good shake to mix the white willow bark, which settles in the bottom of the bottle. Simply apply a small amount to a cotton pad, this stuff seriously goes a long way, then sweep away the impurities waiting to upset the skin.

Review: This is my all time favorite product to give my skin a pick me up. I love using it when I get home from work, it removes built up grime like pollution which settles on the skin during the day. The result on the cotton pad is quite shocking, the amount of build up over a matter of hours is mad. It feels really refreshing, I love a product that I can feel working, this gives the skin a gentle tingle when applied.

Save: To date I am yet to pay full price for this item, pick up a supply when The Body Shop has a discount day to make this budget buy even cheaper.

Superdrug | Witch Hazel Mud Mask - £2.59/75ml

The basics: A clay mask which draws out excess oil from problem pores. Active ingredient is Witch Hazel along with Salicylic Acid another natural spot fighter and Dead Sea Mud.

Directions: Apply a reasonable amount of product to a dry face and leave to dry for 10-15 minuets, then remove with warm water.

Review: The product suggests use up to 3 times a week but I find it a little harsh on my skin and so use it when my skin really needs it. I love that this is a clay mask in a tube, I always find I'm just piling too much product on my face if I use a sachet. This gives you the option of just using what you need, only applying to a small area of the face for example. This also makes the product a lot more cost effective. As a Superdrug home brand product it is also cruelty free. You can see it working and my skin feels refreshed after application.

Save: Wait and purchase this product on offer, Superdrug often have special deals on their own brand products, also gain Superdrug loyalty points.

Witch | Blemish Stick - £2-3/10g

The basics: This small product packs a punch, a gel like product in a push up tube which melts on the skin. The product has a strong scent due to the main ingredient Witch Hazel. 

'Helps break down excess oils and fights the bacteria that cause spots.' Witch

Directions: Simply push the product up in the tube and apply to the problem area.

Review: This product made my teenage years so much easier. It works by drying out spots. I think the key to this product is less is more, I found over use caused dry patches of skin to form around spots. It helped reduce spot size and speed up the healing process.

Save: I recently picked this up in Tesco on offer for £1.25, check supermarkets as well has high street stores to get the best deals on branded good.

Not only are all these products very reasonably priced (all three come to less than £10) it couldn't be easier to save a little bit extra by been deal savvy. These are my spot fighting products of choice, products that I have used for many years and really work.

Let me know what your spot fighting products are.

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  1. Tea tree oil is the best! Thanks for the suggestions!


    1. It really is, I love the idea of using what nature has to offer. Thanks for reading =^-^=

  2. I love the witch stick! So effective :) I think you've managed to persuade me to try the body shop tea tree toner, great review! :)

    1. I love the toner, it's great as spot prevention product, it's so good! Thanks for reading =^-^=