Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lush Review | Space Girl Bath Bomb

Hi, Today I've got a little review of the Lush Space Girl bath bomb or should I say a moan that this will be my last ever Space Girl (sad times). This is one of my all time favorite lush products. One of the cheaper bath bombs, a little bit smaller but no less amazing. I think it was about £2.50 (maybe less) which for one bath is quite expensive but okay if I really want to treat myself. This is a bath bomb that doesn't come packed with added essential oils, it's all about fun and the show element of a bath bomb.

Shaped like a space ship you launch it into a filled bath and watch it spin and create a red and purple colour show. The thing I like most about this bath bomb is the small amount of glitter hidden within which just gives a shimmer to the water. The water will turn a lovely deep pinky purple and smells really subtly of a fruity blackcurrant scent. The bath bomb contains bergamot, grapefruit and almond oils.

Sadly Lush has decided to discontinue this bath bomb along with a few other products to make way for products to be released nationwide from the exclusive collection at the Oxford street store. I have mixed feelings of loss for a favorite but excitement for the new offerings that will be released. So if you fancy trying this bath bomb grab one while you can, it has already disappeared from the Lush website so good luck.

What Lush product should I try now?

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  1. Ohh no, that's not good that they have decided to discontinue it, I will try and grab one before they do as I've never tried it and it sounds great! My favourite bath bomb is the Fizzbanger x


    1. I just googled the Fizzbanger, it looks really cool, defiantly one for the wishlist.