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Book Review | Metro 2033

Hi, a book review for you today. I had been reading this book for what feels like forever. In fact it's been about 2 months and that's with a lot of time put aside to finish it off, which I really wanted to do before the end of June so I could have more time to get through some more books. I borrowed this one off my boyfriend as he said it was good. He bought the book because he has played the game version of the same title and enjoyed it, so he decided to give the book a read. It took me so long to read because the font is so tiny, I only realized this after I picked up another book.

Title - Metro 2033
First Published  - June 2011
Author - Omitry Glukhovsky
Page Count - 458

The story is set in Russia and based on the aftermath of a nuclear war where people have taken shelter in the Moscow Metro system. Each ex station becomes like a mini state, some poorer than others,time passes and the human race realizes it's fate of eternal darkness. They do not know if they are the only members of the human race left, but all that matters now survival. They live off Pork (they managed to save pigs), Mushrooms (the only thing that will grow) and rats. Bullets are currency and not all stations are welcoming. Time is a concept only some people follow and light is limited to the stations, the dark is to be respected and found in the tunnels connecting the metro system, people go missing all too regularly.

The main character is Artyom who has grown up in the VDNKh station the northernmost inhabited station of the line. He was born in the Metro and knows only what he has been told of the world up top. One day his step father gets a visitor and everything changes. Artyom is sent on a mission to cross the metro to get help and warn the others of the new threat to the human race. The story follows Artyom on his journey through the tunnels meeting new people and experiencing the diversity of the metro system and it's hidden dangers.

I feel this book kinda went over my head. It's really well written and there is a lot of description but I felt that at points I'd totally forgotten what was happening as description would go on for pages at a time, there are also internal monologues which had the same effect. I enjoyed it in concept and the story is really good, but I can't help but think it would actually work better as the walk through game it's become rather than a written story, as description takes something away from a jump scare moment. Saying that you really didn't need handing a picture of the authors intention of imagery as there was every bit of detail you needed to create an image of your own. I quite liked the ending as it was a 'I wasn't expecting that' moment, it was quite thought provoking as was the concept of human survival. I was told it would be scary, it's not.

Thanks for reading, have you got any book recommendations?

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