Friday, July 31, 2015

Monthly Highlights | July

Hi, another month gone. July has been fun but lacking sun badly. Camping was a much needed brake and going to the zoo was a nice relaxing day. I can't believe how fast this month has flown by and how blogging makes everything seem to past so much faster, I'm keeping track of dates more. I feel rather accomplished this month and that I have got a lot done, both on my blog and generally in life.

Goals Complete 6/10
  • Play with bubbles in the Sun
  • Buy an epic Ice cream
  • Take photos for an OOTD post
  • Walk the York cat trail
  • Finish a book
  • Have an awesome holiday
  • Eat somewhere new
  • Wear a floral head crown
  • Treat myself to something from Lush
  • Try some new hair styles

The holiday was a great chance to relax, I really needed it. The weather could have been better but it didn't spoil anything. In York I bought a space girl bath bomb (can't believe it will be my last) and did some of the York cat walk as planned while wondering around the city. While I was there I got in a lot of reading time. I not only finished one book this month but five which for me is amazing. So many stories from all different genres, all where really good I'm glad to say and I think this speed up my reading.

I got a massive Ice cream from Dixon's (A local brand), they used to only do the vanilla milk but now do a varied selection of flavor infusions. Even so I stuck to the classic with a drizzle of raspberry juice in a waffle cone, it was so yummy. I ate at a Brazilian grill restaurant where you basically get served all you can eat meat at your table. They come round with the meat on massive cooking skewers and carve the meat off to serve it. The sides of skinny fries, rice and refried beans are also super yummy.

  • Reading 5 books - I started with the #Sassybooks pick 'Only Ever Yours'  you can read my review here and the other four books reviews are here.
  • York camping holiday - whats not to love about a holiday in york, read what I got up to here.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park - a day out seeing so many super cute and generally beautiful animals, polar bears are so big. You can read about my day here.
  • Lush Space Girl - Sadly discontinued so I had to pick one up before it is gone forever, I did a review to tempt you to try one before it's too late, read it here.
  • Versatile Blogger Award - I got nominated two times this month, you can read some random facts about myself on the posts as well as find some really good blogs. The posts can be found here and here.
Hope you had a fantastic month and completed all your goals.

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