Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Day Out | Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Hi, On Saturday I was supposed to be at the Holi One Colour Festival in Leeds, sadly the event was cancelled only a few days before the event without much of an explanation. Feeling pretty down that my plans for the weekend had been cancelled at no fault of my own I set out to find something else to do.

I decided on visiting the zoo as a nice relaxed substitute to my weekends plans. The place of choice for our visit was the Yorkshire Wildlife park in Doncaster. I love wildlife and visiting a zoo is a great way to see a wide range of animals while supporting conservation programs. Me and the boyfriend jumped in his Metro for the one hour drive down the motorway to reach our destination. I packed us a picnic of cheese and Marmite sandwiches (which I've been craving since thinking about them in my versatile blogger post), sausage rolls and choc chip cookies.

- Zebra - Wallaby - Tiger - Polar Bear - Ostrich - Meerkat and Mongoose - Lioness - Giraffe - Ringtail Lemurs - Camels -

The weather was a little over cast but this can sometime be better as the animals can be more active in cooler weather. Regardless most animals where having naps but we could see every animals with well designed enclosures for public viewing. The highlight to the visit was the Polar bears as I haven't seen a polar bear before, they are so big. The other great thing I saw was the three tiger cubs, they where so cute, (well hidden so not really visible on the photo sorry).

There where two enclosures you could walk through, the Wallaby and Ringtail Lemurs. These where really awesome enclosures as you could get up close with the animals and I love a photo that isn't spoilt with enclosure bars. The animals where literally running around your feet and passing across the walkways as you made your way around. The park has more animals that I have taken photos of including Monkeys, Anteaters, a selection of Birds and wild Dogs. They are currently under going construction of a Giant Otter enclosure.

Sadly it started to rain and as we had already seen everything we retreated to the car for our lunch and tried to wait out the rain but it just didn't stop. So we headed home a little earlier than planned and stopped at the local IKEA on our return journey. I picked up a few bits that I've wanted for a while and some other bits which I thought would work well as photo props. Overall it was a lovely day and I really enjoyed myself.

Do you have any summer activities planned?

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  1. It's too bad your original plans didn't work out, but zoos are always fun! It's nice to see animals that you otherwise wouldn't get to see :) It sounds as though you had a great day in the end.


    1. I'm planning on going next year instead all been well. But the zoo was just as much fun. Thanks for reading =^-^=

  2. Shame that your festival was cancelled but at least you made other plans! The wildlife park looks like a lot of fun :)

    Bethan Likes

    1. I was rather gutted that I didn't get to go, but oh well. How could I not be happy about plans that end up with me petting a Wallaby.
      Thanks for reading =^-^=