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My Weight Loss Experience | MyFitnessPal App

Hi, today I wanted to talk about my weight loss experience. Using the MyFitnessPal app over 2 months I have managed to loss 11 pounds, this was a really easy accomplishment and just required a little meal planning, recipe research and self restraint. I have never been on a diet previous to this health kick, I've just never needed too. I think I've been lucky in the past and my body and lifestyle have worked together to keep my weight at a good level. Now that I'm getting older I think my teenage metabolism is long gone and my job is a lot less active, everything I eat is now having a direct effect on my weight. Like I said in my previous post about weight loss (which you can read here) I have never considered myself to be over weight, but I definitely still had some extra weight hanging around from Christmas which I wanted rid of for the summer months.

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The app helps you keep track of the calories you are consuming on a daily basis, this in turn helps you select healthier options or cut down on portion size. Not once during this last two months have I ever felt I couldn't have something, if I had an indulgent day I'd just make sure to stick to it more the following day. I'm sure you could lose your desired weight quicker than I have if you stick too the calorie goal strictly all the time but you're more likely to binge on all the things you've been craving rather than just working them into a more overall healthy lifestyle. If you're planning on having a treat then plan to have a lower calorie meal during the day to balance out your daily calories.

I already loved to eat healthy, but I have been eating much healthier since I started my weight loss challenge by cooking with fresh ingredients and staying away from pre-packed foods (fresh ingredients are way tastier). When counting calories look at other nutritional values as well, such as sugar intake for example. That leads to the other good thing about the app, it works as a food dairy which calculates all the nutritional information from your food. This shows you if you are consuming enough vitamins and minerals as well as your daily sugar and protein intake. I would say that I actually get more goodness from the foods I eat now than I did previously.

There might be times when you don't want to take the time to fill in the app and others when you just fancy a takeaway but continuing to work towards your goal is so worth it. I can honestly say the best result from this weight loss challenge for myself was been able to fit into a pair of size ten jeans which where too small to fasten weeks before. Counting calories has worked for me and I don't think I'm the only one. I'd like to lose another 3 pounds to make it a whole stone lost and then I have some room to indulge during the summer without feeling that I have undone all the good I have accomplished.

Do you have a favourite low calorie meal?

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