Friday, August 7, 2015

6 Summer Outdoor Activities Ideas

Hi, Happy Friday! hope you've had a lovely week. Here are some ideas of ways you can make the most of whats left of summer or what little of it we are getting. I love the longer days and warmer weather that summer normally brings, getting outdoors more and enjoy all the natural Vitamin D my body has been craving. Summer for me means socializing with friends and family in outdoor activities mainly centered around good food and drink. Here are a few of my outdoor activity ideas for the remainder of the summer.

Go Camping
Everyone should spend a night sleeping under the stars. Have a mini camping break or just pitch a tent in your own garden. Eat Al Fresco and do a little star gazing.

Have a Picnic
Head to your local park, further a field or even have a picnic in the garden. Its all about the food, but don't forget to take all the provisions such as cutlery, plates and napkins which will make it a less messy event and a nice blanket to sit on. If you plan to have an alcoholic beverage with your picnic make sure you check local public alcohol laws to avoid fines and don't forget to take all rubbish away with you if bins are unavailable.

Go Berry Picking
A classic summer activity and one that I am yet to take part in. I don't think anything else could represent summer better than strawberry picking in the sunshine.

Organise a sporting activity
It could be as simple as mini goal or more extravagant like zorbing. It's more about the element of  socializing in the sun than about what group activity you pick.

BBQ/Garden Party
Again all about the food but with the comforts of home. Invite people to join you for a garden party. Don't forget to put out enough chairs for guests and make sure that you have food and drink to cater for all dietary requirements. Place lighting to keep the party going into the night and get a few bug repellent candles to keep them away.

Go to the Beach
This one requires travel unless you're lucky enough to live at the coast, but what's the summer holidays without a trip to the seaside. Build a sand castle, chase some waves, do some rock pooling, play the arcade machines, have an ice cream or indulge in some seafood.

Hope my tips/suggestions are helpful. What activities will you do doing during the summer?

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