Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hair Care | Herbal Essence Clearly Naked Range

Hi, Today I'm talking hair care with the most basic of products shampoo and conditioner. I'd previously been using the Herbal Essence beautiful ends combo, which made a massive difference to the quality of my hair considering my over use of styling tools. I'm not really one to get swept away with new product releases but the Herbal Essence Clearly Naked range was just too interesting to ignore, back when it was actually a new product.

The range boasts 0% Silicone (shampoo only), 0% Paraben, 0% Colourants. The lack of these ingredients removes unnecessary extras which can leave residue on the hair. Coloured hair benefits from the lack of Paraben which would normally strip out colour. The removal of silicone from the shampoo keeps hair a lot lighter. The products claims to remove a build up of residue, but I think this is just down to the fact that this particular combo of products doesn't add to the problem and all other residue is removed naturally.

I've been using the moisture version of the naked range as I have pretty dry hair from all the heat styling I do (straighteners everyday). After using this product for a very long time I can say that my hair is super light and maybe even that bit shinier and very soft. I'd even go as far as to say it does a better job of protected the ends of my hair than the original combo I was using for this very reason, with the added bonus of my hair been a lot lighter. The shampoo cleans without striping the hair and the conditioner is more than satisfying with plenty of moisture. The moisture range is scented with a herbal mint scent, which is really subtle but very refreshing.

A 400ml bottle costs about £4 but I've never paid this, shop around and you'll find the range at half price or better. I wash my hair everyday (over the top I know) and a bottle will easily last 4 months on my long hair. Very little product is required to get a good lather, so a little goes a long way and this is also true of the conditioner which is super moisturizing. This shampoo and conditioner combo has kept my hair so clean and soft I don't see myself changing to something else any time soon and it's super affordable.

Have you tried the Herbal Essence Clearly Naked range?

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