Saturday, August 15, 2015

8 Ways To Overcome Bloggers Block

Hi, Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far, mine has been rather uneventful but very relaxing. Sometimes it's just nicer to have some down time and sit on the sofa all day. In my case I've been catching up with my Bloglovin feed which gets crazy busy, drinking tea and awaiting the time to order some naughty takeaway food.

So today I've put together a list of ways to get around bloggers block when it hits. Luckily I still have a few ideas waiting to be posted, but I figured it was personally best to have something to look back on for inspiration. Hopefully I can help some of you as well.

Ways to Overcome Bloggers Block

Think Like a Blogger
Everything is a blog post waiting to happen. Shop your stash of beauty products or talk about a favourite brand. Reflect on a shopping trip or day out. Write some wishlists or create a Blogroll.

Get Out and About
Taking time away from your blog will give you time to think about future posts. Referring back to my first point, going out gives you plenty of subject matter if you look at the situation in the right way.

Photograph Everything
This is something I struggle with and need to work on changing. Photographing that pretty flower, pile of autumn leaves or the bluest sky can all make lovely backdrops from wording to introduce a post. Doing this means you have a few points of inspiration for later posts or simply a nice image to use when you have nothing related to your post topic.

Write Everything Down
Wether it's on an app on your phone or that super cute notebook you treated yourself to because blogging. Make notes about anything and everything that inspires you.

Read Other Blogs
Don't compare your blog to others, but you can find inspiration from other blogs. There might be a trending theme or a blog tag doing the rounds which you can use as content.

Your first idea might not be your best, by brainstorming ideas you can work out the best possible way to share your content. You will also get a lot of ideas from this so you can work out exactly what you want to post about.

Make a Start
If you make a start you might find that ideas just flow and you've got posts ready in no time. When I'm lacking the ability to put a coherent sentence together, I spend my time just writing out bullet points to refer back to at a later date and bulk out. I find this works for me as then if I have a few free hours I can get a few posts finished and ready to proof read and add images to.

Have a Plan
I like to schedule my post so I can plan what is going to be posted when. Having some form of plan makes time organization easier. This also stops me from accidental pressing publish rather than save. Doing this means that I know which posts I need to priorities and get photos/images ready for.

I hope this is helpful. Do you have any of your own tips?

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  1. Great post! Every now and then I too have bloggers block but I find just getting out and about really is refreshing. The block will pass and I'll be ready again!


    1. Taking time our really seems like a good way to recharge the mind for ideas. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

  2. I think all the things you have written down sound great, thanks for sharing! As a new blogger I feel that they can help me get started and running my blog in a better way too! :) Your tip with making a blogging schedule seems very sensible, I will definitely be doing that!
    // Sara,

    1. I'm so glad they are helpful, I wouldn't able to blog if I didn't schedule like mad. Thanks for reading. =^-^=