Saturday, August 29, 2015

20 Blog Post Ideas | Blogging on a Budget

Hi, Yay for the weekend. I've now got the whole week off work and I'm so looking forward to doing loads of reading and getting on top of my blog posts before my little holiday to the east coast (Seaside here I come!!!). I've come up with some budget blog post ideas for the future and decided to share my post ideas with you. As a new blogger I decided I didn't want to spend a fortune and I have no intention of spending any money if I can help it. I think some of the best blog posts are ones which don't cost a penny to produce.

20 Budget Blog Post Ideas
  1. Shop your stash
  2. Advise post
  3. Lists
  4. Wish lists
  5. Day in the life
  6. Outfit of the day
  7. Product review
  8. Favourite bloggers
  9. Simple DIY project
  10. Seasonal tag
  11. Whats in your bag
  12. Daily Makeup
  13. Talk about a collection
  14. Book review
  15. Talk about a global event
  16. Monthly round up
  17. Happy things
  18. Pamper night
  19. Room Tour
  20. Talk about a hobby
I enjoyed putting this list of ideas together and I'm really looking forward to producing the content to join them. Blogging is definitely one of the cheapest hobbies I've ever had, craft is so expensive.
What's your favourite type of blog post?

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  1. There are some nice ideas! I like all of which you presented here and I personally want to do a book review soon, when I moved back to my university town and settled in. But I also think that you do not need to spend a lot of money on things to be able to make a good post!

    1. Book reviews make such good posts, I love to see what people have been reading and what I should add to my own reading list. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

  2. Replies
    1. Outfit posts are so good, love to see what everyone is wearing. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

  3. Love these ideas :) It's so annoying when you start thinking blogging has to cost money, but it's not always the case! xx

    1. It's so true and some of the best are totally free. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

  4. Great ideas, I love simple DIY and day in the life posts! xx
    Chasing Belle

    1. DIY posts are so great for learning new skills. I'd love to do one here one day. Thanks for reading =^-^=

  5. What a great blog post my Dear !:) I really like all news from you :)
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  6. These are some great ideas, I'm always looking for post inspo and if I don't have to spend a penny, then all the better!

    Amanda Jayne | beauty, style, life

  7. Loving these ideas for blog posts! Thanks for sharing!

    Rae | Love from Berlin