Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Morning Routine

Hi, I find mornings hard work, I don't even get up that early with my alarm going off at 7am. I do not deal well with been woken from my sleep. Here is my daily morning routine and the products I use, to try and make my mornings as good as they possibly can be.

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My Morning Routine

I have a snooze on my alarm as who can face not even having a ten minuet lying, I try to wake up at this point and have a quick look on Bloglovin and other social media platforms before dragging myself out of bed. After my second alarm I head for the shower.

I wash my hair every day, my hair might suffer as a result but its helped my skin with excess oils, so I wouldn't dream of not doing it. I use the Herbal Essence Naked Shampoo and Conditioner in the Moisture formula with extracts of mint. I leave the conditioner on my hair until the last minuet before I'm getting out of the shower.

I use a bath lily (I had to look what these where called) and currently the body shop peach shower gel for a good morning clean. I like a shower gel with a really awakening scent, I find citrus blends work best. If I need to shave I use the Gillette Venus Oceana Disposable Razors, they last so long and you can pick them up really cheaply if you shop around.

After I've showered I use my Body Shop wide tooth comb to comb my hair, after I have towel dried it. I then apply argon oil to the ends before blow drying and straightening.

Once my hair is sorted I moisturise my face and neck with the Olay complete care fluid which has SPF 15. I apply Nivea Essential care lip balm, to keep my lips super hydrated. I then apply deodorant, I currently use the Sure invisible aqua. I have recently started using a gradual tanning lotion to moisturise my body with the added benefit of a summer glow.

I then get dressed, if it's a work day I'll be wearing my uniform. If it's a weekend I'll normally either stick on one of my more casual hanging around the house outfits, or I'll put together something nicer if I have plans for the day. Makeup wise it is very rare that I wear any, I don't see the point at work as it's only a warehouse and I don't deal with customers. At the weekend if I have something planned I'll put some blusher on.

I'll grab a glass of water as soon as I can as I'm always super thirsty in a morning. I have yoghurt, berries and granola for breakfast with a cup of green tea. 

Am I missing a step in my morning routine?

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