Monday, August 31, 2015

Monthly Highlights | August

Hi, I know it's over said but wow this month has gone so fast. I can't believe just how fast this year is whizzing by. It's been a rather uneventful month but I felt busy without been over faced with stuff to do. The weather finally seemed to pick up and the rain has been more tropical rather than wintry. We had a lovely weekend of Summer sunshine which I have made the most of with a BBQ and reading in the garden, which was one of the highlights of the month.

 - Succulent - Space Girl Bath Bomb - Leeds Skyline - Animorphia colouring Book -

Mini goals for August 7/10
    1. Take part in the #Sassybooks book club again 
    2. Play a board game
    3. Get my hair cut 
    4. Use prompts to take photos
    5. Post every other day
    6. Use up old products
    7. Enjoy the last of summer
    8. Go clothes shopping
    9. Go for a walk in a forest
    10. Do some baking
    Yay! I made it to the end of the month and managed to post every other day. It's been a busy month for blogging and I think I might have to slow down the pace so I don't burn out but I'm so proud of myself for keeping this place so active.

    I went to a games night and played a star wars game named X-wing, it was pretty interesting and not really a conventional board game but it counts. I had a little shopping trip with my sister way back at the beginning of the month, where I didn't really pick anything up but it was nice to get a vibe of the trends on the high street. I baked some scones as they are so simple and I really fancied some jam.

    I failed on the photo prompts but I'm going to take this forward into next month and try again. I also didn't get my hair cut which is so naughty, it needs cutting so badly so it will be happening asap. I didn't spend enough time outdoors either but with autumn on it's way I will be spending more time in the outdoors as this is my favourite time for getting out and enjoying nature.

    • I was nominated for the Liebster Award, you can read some random questions and find out who I nominated here.
    • I took part in the #sassybooks monthly read, this month we read 'All The Light We Cannot See' read my review here.
    • I got 100 followers on Bloglovin and wrote a post about the reason I started blogging, which you can read here.
    Hope you all had a lovely month and enjoyed the summer!

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    1. Congrats on hitting 100 followers on bloglovin! That's awesome! It sounds like you had an amazing month! I can't believe you could post every other day! That's incredible! <3

      xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

      1. Thanks I'm still a little shocked that I reach 100 so fast. Here's hoping next month is as good! Thanks for reading. =^-^=

    2. Well done on 100 followers! I really enjoy these kind of posts where you simply recall the passed month!

      1. Thanks! I think it's great to reflect, makes you realize just how much you did. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

    3. This post is so so nice and these photos are amazing! I also do Mini Monthly goals!
      Love your blog!
      Xx Sofia

      1. Thank you Sofia, I love having mini goals to push myself that bit harder, doesn't always work though. Thanks for reading. =^-^=