Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why I Enjoy Book Series

Hi, I love a good book and reading a book from cover to cover gives me a real buzz but there is something magical in the whole element of a series of books. I sometimes really don't want to say goodbye to a character or just feel that there could have been more to their story. In a series of books you get a much more in depth story line, time can pass between books but it's the same characters you've grown to love in their next chapter of existence. I'm not always aware that a book is part of a series and I've been lucky so far about picking the first book and not the third. Other books I picked purely for the fact they are a series, as I know this is something that I enjoy.

Book Series I Have Read
Harry Potter - JK Rowling
Obviously Harry Potter was going to be top of the list as it is probably the first series of books that I read and it goes without saying that it's good. The passing of time between the books in school years is a really clever way to create a series of books. I love the insight you get into the characters growing up and bonding to create such strong friendships. The whole inter woven storyline which takes place within all the books including dropped hints and a building unease for the final ending. I photographed 'The Goblet of Fire' because it is my favourite book.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
I saw the first hunger games movie before I read the books, which I got so hooked on that I managed to read all of them in no time at all. The books as with most film adaptations are quite different, the story is more of an internal monologue from Katniss and the games come across a lot harsher down to the much longer time scale that comes across in the books.

The Legend Trilogy - Marie Lu
I read this trilogy back at the beginning of the year, borrowed from the library I didn't realize it was a trilogy. I totally fell for this story, I would highly recommend it you haven't read it. Boy meets girl but they are from different backgrounds a chance meeting is what sets off a chain reaction of events. Both are drawn to each other but have lost people they love down to the actions of the other, making their feelings conflicting.

Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Another Trilogy which should be on everyone's to read list if it hasn't been already. The descriptions are just magical.

The Maze Runner - James Dashner 
I bought the books as I wanted to read the story before seeing the film which is my preferred way. I can honestly say the film lost all the heart and soul of the books in transition so don't let it put you off. The books are really worth a read, I love that the characters find out what's going on as you do so you feel how confused they are about the events happening around them.

Game of Thrones (only on book 3) - George R.R. Martin
The books are different to the TV series in terms of timelines and going to have very different endings. The books are huge, so well worth the money.

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
I got this as a Christmas present, it was not a series I was all that bothered about and I found it quite hard to like the characters (just me?) but I know it has a massive following so might be worth a read if Vampires/Werewolf's are your thing. 

Tales of the Otori - Lian Hearn
I read these books years ago after borrowing them from the library one summer holiday back when I still had a summer holiday. The story is really good and has stayed with me all this time. I have found that there are now another two books in the series, so this is one series that I might have to reread.

Disc World - Terry Pratchett
There are so many, I have read quite a lot of the books from the disc world series, by far my favorites are 'Going Postal' and 'The Monstrous Regiment'. I love that there are mini series within one massive world so if you don't like one selection you'll probably love another dependent on the time and focus of the story.

Have you got a series of books you would recommend?

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  1. Great list, just googled the legend series and it looks so good! I'm a big fan of the "pushing the limits" series by Katie McGarry :) xx

    1. It's a series well worth a read. Great suggestion I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

  2. If you enjoyed the Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, try the Divergent series, it's awesome. Oh and I hated The film adaptation of the Maze Runner, it was TOO different. xx


    1. I've been meaning to give Divergent a read for ages. The film didn't work down to the lack of emotion between the characters and they changed major plot points, so annoying. Thanks for reading =^-^=

  3. These are definitely books I need to add to my reading list! I have read twilight which I thought was much better than the film.

    Sonam - http://fashtasticflare.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. The Twilight books are better, I think the films spoilt them for me, it's better when you can picture your own version of the characters. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

    2. Yeah I totally agree! when you read the books after watching the films, you picture those actors when reading the books. Your most welcome :)