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10 Budget Friendly Christmas Tips | #BLOGMAS Day 11

Hi, It's no secret that I'm really frugal with my spending and if at all possible I will save money when making a purchase. I don't think Christmas should be any different and if anything it's a time when everyone needs to reassess what they really need as it's such an expensive time of year. Christmas shouldn't be about how lavish a gift you can buy or how many, it's a time for getting together with people we care about and being thankful for the things we already have, I think the commercial side of Christmas gets in the way a bit. Today I've got some tips for saving money over the Christmas period, some of these might be a little late for those of you who are really organised.

Budget Friendly Christmas Tips

Gift Budgets and Secret Santa
This year me, my friends and family have all agreed to have a spending limit on the gifts we buy so that things don't get out of hand. If you have a big family why not consider a Secret Santa system. You could still buy everyone a smaller token gift, but by doing the Secret Santa everyone still gets one special gift.

Hand Deliver Cards
Okay so this one might not be super doable depending on the distance your family and friends are spread around the country/world, but if possible popping into see those people is not only saving you the cost of a postage stamp but brightening someones day.

Buy Tickets In Advance
I personally don't need to travel but I do know that train tickets are expensive, if you plan ahead and pre-book tickets you can save loads of money. If possible why not get someone to give you a lift and pay for the petrol it's probably a lot cheaper, or look at other ways to travel like the Mega bus which has some crazily low prices.

Don't Buy Gift Sets
This one will probably split people because there's something nice about a preboxed gift which is easy to wrap and sometimes with deals they will work out cheaper but in other cases depending on the contents it's way cheaper to make your own hamper of goodies.

Offers and Loyalty Points
If gift sets are your thing make sure you're getting an offer, check for the best price and if possible take advantage of multi buy offers. Buying from stores with loyalty points means you're also getting something back, Tesco have a double up system on points already collected so you can buy even more.

Don't Over Look The Pound Shops
I recently did a £1 stocking filler gift guide and it just shows what amazing things you can pick up for as little as a pound, with a little shopping around sometimes even cheaper. No one said gifts had to be expensive to be good.

Give Homemade
So craft isn't always that cheap but homemade gifts do really show you care. It's the perfect excuse to do some festive baking, you could make some cookies. Alternatively learn to knit and make a scarf for someone.

Start Shopping in The Sales
I'm known for doing this, it helps if you've got the storage room but you can really make some great savings. I don't tend to keep the gifts until Christmas choosing to pick unfestive gifts to give out as Birthday presents during the year. If it's Christmas gifts you want look out for seasonal sales earlier in the year where you can pick up quirky items a lot cheaper. Don't buy items that have use by dates as these will end up being a waste of money rather than a saving.

Don't Pay Postage
This is my biggest annoyance with online shopping. Over the year if you add up how much you've spent on postage with the odd £3.99 here and there you'd be shocked. So when shopping online always do a quick voucher search, it's very rare that I don't find a code. If you're planning a trip into town anyway look at store collection options to see if they're free instead.

Get a Fake Tree
I've only ever had a real tree once and honestly I missed my fake tree. I know there are advantages to real trees but I hate to think of a tree being grown and then cut down and left to die (morbid thought sorry). In the long run fake trees are much better for the environment and a hell of a lot cheaper. Buy one in the sale to make an even bigger saving, along with decorations and lights, that way you're ready for next Christmas.

I hope this was helpful. Do you have any money saving tips?

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  1. Great tips! I'm always bad with organising, but I do love handmade gifts. It's not only nice for the person you give it to, because it's more personal, but it's also great to have some creative time instead of getting stressed out in the shops with all the Christmas madness!
    Every year, I also try to get my plane or train ticket home early to safe some money but I always forget. Well, there's always hope for next year ;)
    Shifting Tales