Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monthly Mini Goals - December | #BLOGMAS Day 1

Hi, Ok it's officially the count down to Christmas. You may have guess from the title that I am planning on trying to complete Blogmas by blogging every day until Christmas, a whole 25 days of none stop blog posts. So today I'm kicking off with my monthly goals which as you can imagine feature a rather festive lineup.

Mini goals for December
  • Have an awesome Christmas
  • Get my Christmas Shopping Finished
  • Buy themed wrapping paper and make my presents into works of art.
  • Go to a Christmas Market - Maybe ice skate.
  • Make putting up the decorations an event with music and Baileys.
  • Complete my reading goal for the year of 35 books.
  • Drink mulled wine and all the other festive drinks.
  • Do some festive baking - Mince pies most probably.
  • Have a day out with my friends/family.
  • Do a Christmas DIY project, I'm really enjoying knitting again.

I really hope I can be organized enough to complete Blogmas, it would be a real accomplishment. Let me know if you're also taking part, I'd love to read some new blogs. I've got a few plans already in motion for this month and I'm sure there will be lots of mulled wine involved. I'm looking forward to Christmas songs on the radio and opening the rest of the doors on my advent calendar.

What's your goals for December?

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  1. Great goals Sam! I have a goodreads book goal too, I wanted to read 10 books this year and I am now on my 11th book, whoop whoop! I wanted to do a bit of festive baking too, I made mixed spice bread and butter pudding last month, I enjoyed making it and it was super yummy! Would love to see your knitting project sometime. I will look out for your blogmas posts, I wish you the best for this! I wish you a merry month!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, I hope you have a merry month too. Congratulations on hitting your book goal! Spiced bread and butter pudding sounds really yummy. I'd love to do some posts on knitting as soon as I know what I'm going to make. =^-^=

  2. So exciting to see you doing Blogmas! I won't be doing it as there is so much going on at the moment and I'm also basically ill all the time which is not nice! Maybe I can do it next year though!
    I also like your goals, they are very festive! I'd also love to read a post on your knitting! I did some knitting when I was younger and I'd love to get back into it.

    1. I hope you feel better real soon, being ill is just rubbish. I only really know how to do one knitting stitch so I'd love to expand on that. I think I might be a little bit unprepared for Blogmas but we'll see how it goes. =^-^=

  3. Have an awesome christmas is def a great December goal! Lovely post. x

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you, have an awesomely Christmassy month. =^-^=

  4. Such a great post, dear.

  5. I love all of your goals! I definitely share a lot of them - including festive baking & ice skating! I hope you achieve everything you want to (:

    Lauren x