Sunday, December 6, 2015

Stocking Filler Ideas For £1 | #BLOGMAS Day 6

Hi, Today I've got a selection of very affordable gift ideas. I really enjoyed putting this post together, it's quite a task thinking of so many bargain options. I'm a massive fan of the hamper style of wrapping gifts but buying multiple items can get quite expensive. By buying a few bargain pieces you'll soon have a lovely selection of gifts.

Original Source - Superdrug (on offer)| Candle - Ikea | Vaseline Rosy Lips - Asda (on offer)
Wilkinsons - note books | Poundshop - fluffy socks | Wilkos - Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask
Poundshop - Festive Mug | 4x Hot Chocolate sachets most Supermarkets

These gifts do seem quite feminine but can be mixed up for a male quite easily. I think a DIY hot chocolate set is a really great idea and if made for a few people quite a cheap gift option. I recently tried the Maltesers Hot Chocolate and it's super yummy. Fluffy socks are great at this time of year, I'd normally pick them up in Primark where I think they're two pairs for £2.

There are some pamper items that you really can't go wrong with, these are a lip balm, shower gel and a face mask. I feel like I've cheated a little as the shower gel and lip balm are on offer, so if you fancy them pick them up while you can. I've picked the Rosy Lips Vaseline as it's a lovely lightly tinted formula which is a little bit more special than the normal varieties. There are so many different brand and normally a lot of offers to take your pick from, Superdrug face masks are normally on 3 for 2.

I felt the need to add a few cliche blogger gifts which would be the candle and note books. I think the Ikea candles are really good quality and the smaller size is only 85p. As a blogger note books are really important for keeping ideas together, this selection of three little note books from Wilkinson's is really sweet. A few other items which cost a little more would be the mini cactus set from Ikea and a few bath bombs from Lush which start at as little as £1.95.

What would your favourite item to receive be?

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  1. Love all of these things! I think it's a great idea to give some bargain options because presents don't have to be super expensive all the time. The mug and the notebooks are really cute and I actually have this mini cactus set from Ikea myself. :)
    Shifting Tales

  2. I love a good bargain so naturally I love this list! I love the mug, the poundshop is the best!

    Hayley-Eszti |

  3. Great choices, my boyfriend and I are doing stockings this year, but everything has to be fairly affordable. I am trying to think of some good ideas, the mug is a good one!

    Bethan Likes

  4. This is a fab idea! I love making up hamper style gifts too but your right it can get expensive. This is a great guide for some lovely more affordable things!
    Emma Xx

  5. Great ideas ad for £1 each you really can't go wrong!

  6. I really love the idea of this post Sam! It’s nice to see some affordable/bargain options. You can’t beat places like the Poundshop and Wilko for that kind of thing. Will have to look out for those cosy socks as they are so cute! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  7. I love these ideas! Those floral notebooks are so pretty!

    Lauren x

  8. i'm the worst at buying gifts, thanks for the tips!

    danielle | avec danielle