Friday, December 2, 2016

20 Festive Themed Goals | #Blogmas Day 2

Hi, I like lists and goals so I've put together a list of goals for the festive season. I don't like that Christmas is in the shops before Halloween these days it just seems strange and drawn out but now it's December I'm seriously in the festive spirit. I feel really uninspired for gift ideas but I'm off shopping tomorrow so hopefully I can get some inspiration and some gifts purchased. I'm looking forward to decorating my first Christmas tree in my own home and having free range as to how mad it can be, here are my goals for the month ahead.

Festive Themed Goals
1. Donate food to charity
2. Drink mulled wine
3. Make mince pies
4. Decorate my Christmas tree
5. Create a festive playlist
6. Have fairy lights everywhere
7. Get my Christmas shopping done
8. Make my own wrapping paper
9. Go to a Christmas market
10. Wear a Christmas jumper more than once
11. Bake something vegan as a present
12. Try something from the Christmas lush range
13. Read a festive book
14. Go on a day trip
15. Go for a wintry walk
16. Go ice skating
17. Do some themed crochet
18. Complete blogmas this year
19. Binge watch a new series
20. Make some DIY Christmas decorations

So there are my goals for the month ahead, writing this post has made me feel so Christmassy and I can't wait for my annual holiday from work for a bit of relaxation. My Christmas tree is sat patiently in the box to finally be put up, I want to get a few more decorations first. I'm looking forward to the fun of tree dressing, Christmas tunes and some baileys over ice. I plan to do lots of baking in the coming weeks, I have a special way of making mince pies which just beats all the shop bought ones.

Do you have any special plans for the month ahead?

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  1. It will be so fun to decorate your own home! I have fun just decorating my bedroom or my little university dorm suite, so having the full space to work would be excellent! I hope you decide to share a few bits of your decorations?

    Going skating, and DIY decorations are definitely on my list this year. I can't wait to get some time to really get Christmas-y, haha :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. I love 1 and 10! I have so many festive clothing bits that I are really only acceptable in December but I definitely don't wear them enough!

    Lauren x

  3. That sounds like a wonderful list. It's great that you're helping out a charity. I love how Christmas reminds us to stand together. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  4. Yes, to everything on this list, right down to the vegan recipe! (in fact, I'm checking out a vegan market later this month!) mentioned everything I'd do! lol I was looking back to see if there was something I'd add, and you already did. Great minds :)


  5. It must be especially great to put up all the Christmas decoration and the Christmas tree in your own house! I really like how festive and cosy it gets inside as soon as December comes around. In my family home we didn't decorate much yet, but my parents usually don't go that heavy on the Christmas decor. I am a bit different there, so for next year I plan to be as Christmassy as possible! :)
    And I really like your list, you basically mentioned every nice thing to do this at time of the year!
    Patti Shifting Tales