Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Five Senses of Christmas | #BLOGMAS Day 18

Hi, Today's post is a bit random but it's an idea I haven't seen done so I wanted to write it anyway. Christmas is a very sensory time so I decided to sum up the festive period with my five senses. If I had the time I could probably have written more as there's so much going on, but I found a few cross overs and decided to keep it simple.

The Five Senses of Christmas

  • Spices making everything more wintry
  • Yorkshire puddings swimming in gravy
  • The sweetness of indulgent treats
  • Bubbles in the Christmas fizz

  • Winter scented candles
  • Mulled wine in the slow cooker infusing with the spices
  • Fresh pine smell from the tree
  • The smell of baked goods as they cool

  • Fairy lights flashing and twinkling
  • Prettily wrapped presents
  • People wearing festive jumper or a Christmas hat
  • Smiling and a shared feeling of jolliness

  • Woolly hats and scarfs
  • Fur trimmed Santa hats
  • The spiky pines on the tree
  • The cold biting at your fingers

  • Carolers singing festive hymns
  • Shops with Christmas songs on repeat
  • Kerrang radio playing punk rock Christmas songs
  • Brass bands playing we wish you a merry Christmas

 What do you think your favourite sense of the season is?

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