Monday, December 5, 2016

Lush Review - Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb | #BLOGMAS Day 5

Hi, I picked this bath bomb up on my recent visit to Leeds, along with two other bath bombs I'll be reviewing later this month. It was the one bath bomb from the Christmas range that made me go 'I need to try that'. I previously tried 'Shoot For The Stars' last year but didn't review it. It's back this year with a new look and I think it's a simpler design but much more luxurious.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb – Starry Nights

Can we take a second to admire how cute the Christmas packaging is this year. I think the overall look of this bath bomb is one of simplicity but it still stands out as a need to try product. It's a deep cobalt blue with three Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter stars covered in gold luster on the upper half. A mixture of Brazilian orange oil and bergamot oil create an environment designed to rocket your mood to the stars.

Once popped in the bath the bomb fizzed instantly creating a deep blue bath with bubbles galore. My stars sunk to the bottom of the bath where they melted and created simmering gold luster speckles on the surface of the water. The gold in the bath bomb actually turned the deep blue into more of a deep turquoise colour which looked so pretty. I've used glittery bath bombs before but I've never had it stick to me as much as with this one, I was covered. I put this down to the cocoa butter which left my skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing. The bath took a little more effort to clean down due to the oils but it was so worth it. I'd highly recommend this bath bomb if you like to sparkle.

Have you tried Shoot For The Stars?

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