Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Christmas Wish List | #BLOGMAS Day 14

Hi, Today I've got a classic festive post in the form of a Christmas wish list. I've been asked a lot by family and friends what I want to receive this year and after doing all the research into picking gifts I decided why not share my wish list here on my blog. You might have noticed from the post image that there's a strong Pokemon theme, I'm such a big kid.

My Christmas Wish List

Lush Snow Fairy Gift Set - Link
I was asked to pick myself something from Lush so I picked this little gift set. It contains the classic Christmas Snow fairy scent in the form of shower gel, body conditioner and the magic wand along with an added Father Christmas bath bomb.

Blink-182 - California - Link
2016 has been a good one for new musical releases from bands I've loved for years. Music is something I rarely buy for myself so the new Blink-182 album is on my Christmas list.

Pokemon Colouring Book - Link
I'm a massive Pokemon fan and this year to be honest has been a dream. The release of Pokemon Go and the 20th anniversary has brought Pokemon back into the spot light and reignited peoples interest. I love colouring so mixing two of my favourite things was bout to be a winner.

Pokemon Sun/Moon
It's been a good few years now since Pokemon X/Y was released and I'm so ready for a new adventure. Generation 7 is a totally different story mode to previous games with the lack of Pokemon gyms so I'm looking forward to seeing how the game plays out.

Books and Then More Books
So I haven't stated any particular books but I've said books or vouchers for books are high on my Christmas list. I don't have anything that I desperately want to read that isn't available in my local library and I'm interested to see what people pick out for me.

2017 Diary - Link
I found this really pretty diary in the Range for only £2.99. I love that it doubles up as a colouring book and the little illustrations are so pretty. I picked this one out while shopping with my mum, which takes away a bit of the fun of the unknown but I'm super fussy.

New Pyjamas - Primark
The last thing on my list is a new set of pyjamas because what would Christmas be without a new set to snuggle up with on Christmas night. I know Primark have some Pokemon themed ones (Set £14) which would be really cool but some winter themed woolly ones would be super nice.

What's on your Christmas wish list?

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  1. I think we are never too old for something. I'm also totally still a kid inside. :) I especially love the diary. Such a cool idea to combine it with a colouring book as well.
    Patti Shifting Tales

  2. I agree! New pyjamas are an absolute must at Christmas - I'm hoping for some warm winter ones. xx