Monday, December 19, 2016

Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out | #BLOGMAS Day 19

Hi, With the holiday season comes parties and to be honest I'm so past all that. Socially celebrating is fun but I much prefer the comforts of home and with this being the first Christmas in my new home I want to stay home even more.

Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out

Comfy Clothing
It's a great feeling looking stunning in your sparkly dress but nothing beats a comfy set of loose clothing. You could chill in your pajamas but I've got a set of comfy lounge wear, an over sized hoodie and fluffy socks.

Dedicated Reading Time
I love reading so staying in with a book is a winner for me. I'll either get comfy in bed and inevitably end up having an early night (which is no bad thing) or chill out in the bath with something pretty from Lush. 

Time for Self Care
Leading on from my last point staying in gives you time to make sure you're practicing self care. I love to take baths but sometimes it's hard to find the time. With this time comes some general pampering with a face mask and a much needed nail cut.

Saving Money
It's much cheaper to stay home, even if you indulge in a takeaway chances are you'll save money versus the bar funds and taxi fee. At this time of year I'll get some mulled wine from the super market for a quick and easy festive indulgence. I love Christmas markets but you pay as much for one small cup as you do for a big bottle from the supermarket.

Slow Cooked Food
One thing I love about my slow cooker is that it does all the work for you and you've got a lovely homemade meal ready to serve after a few hours. Nothing better on a lazy evening, I love making curries and sticking some rice in the microwave when I'm ready to serve. Not only is it easy and effort free but super healthy because it's made from scratch.

You're Already Home
The worst part of a night out for me is getting home, I'm not a fan of taxis after dark and luckily in the past I've always traveled home with a friend. This means waiting around for people to also want to go home which isn't always fun when they want to grab a kebab.

Getting comfortable
All the above for me create the most comfortable setting but lighting some festive scented candles and sitting next to the fairy lights flickering on your Christmas tree is the coziest thing at this time of year. Sticking on a Christmas film and relaxing under a blanket are reason enough to stay in on a night for me.

Which do you prefer a night in or a night out?

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  1. Nowadays I definitely prefer nights in! I'll still fancy a night out every now and then but as soon as I'm out - I want to be comfy back at home haha, especially at this time of year xx

  2. I loooove staying at home!
    It's much more cozy and comfortable. :)
    I'm not a night-out kind of person.

    Laura |