Tuesday, December 20, 2016

5 Ideas For Winter Days Out | #BLOGMAS Day 20

Hi, Today I'm sharing my ideas for fun days out during the winter time. Winter might not seem like the most day out compatible time of year but there are some really great places that are enhanced by the winter. Getting out in nature or just out from the warmth of the house is great (I'm so sick of being indoors at the moment). I wanted to have a bit of a plan of action to make the most of my time off from work by having at least one day out.

Ideas For Winter Days Out

The Coast
For me I love to visit the East Coast and particularly Filey bay in the winter. It's so quiet because it's out of season and the views are stunning. There's something nice about the winter chill when it's mixed with the freshness of the sea air. I think the sea is the most impressive in the winter months when you'll find the biggest waves crashing into the coastal defenses.

A Historic City
I think historic building all dressed up for the festive season are lovely and something that bit difference. I love to look at how creative independent stores are with their window displays and maybe even treat myself to a little something. York is a great example and there's always a coffee shop to warm up in.

A Christmas Market
Hopefully by now you've done all your Christmas shopping (unless you're like me and have no idea what to buy this year). Why not head out and enjoy the seasonal fun of a Christmas market before they all pack up for another year.

Woodland Walking
I haven't properly been for a long winter walk in years and it's something I really miss. It's all the more magical if you get some snow fall but it's just as pretty if you head out while everything is still frost covered and crisp. There's something fun about wrapping up in the full hat, gloves and scarf.

Find Some Culture
Sometimes the idea of being outdoors for a long time in the winter can be over whelming so why not head out with a museum or art gallery as your destination. You might find a new favourite painting, discover a new style of art or learn a new fact.

 What's your favourite Winter day out? Have you got any ideas to share?

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  1. You're right staying at home during the winter time may be quite depressing.
    Christmas markets are the best! I love them :)