Friday, December 16, 2016

The A-Z Of Christmas Tag | #BLOGMAS Day 16

Hi, I've been running low on ideas for Blogmas (16 days of none stop posts is hard work) and I came across this post idea by Kathryn at Chapters of Kat for the A-Z Of Christmas Tag and decided I'd give it ago.

The A-Z Of Christmas Tag

A is for... Annual because Christmas comes but once a year every year.
B is for... Brass Bands that make Christmas for me as I used to play the Trumpet. Carols played by brass make me feel so festive.
C is for... Crackers, what Christmas dinner is complete without some crackers no matter how rubbish they are the fun's in the snap. My favourite cracker prize is the fortune telling fish.
D is for... Decorations everywhere, the more the better.
E is for... Edible goods, what the festive season is all about, so much food is turned into the shape of Christmas trees or stars and everything gets that added wow factor, glitter is more than okay.
F is for... Family which is really important at this time of year, Christmas is the perfect reason to go see family and make the time to travel.
G is for... Giving Gifts, as much fun as it is to receive gifts I much prefer to spoil my loved ones and see their reaction to the gifts I've bought.
H is for... Harry Potter whether you indulge in one of the books or watch one of the films there's something about Harry Potter at Christmas time.
I is for... Inspiration, this year I'm totally lacking any ideas for Christmas gifts. I've got the majority now but I just feel a little sad that it wasn't more fun picking things out this year.
J is for... Jolly, the mood of the season. No matter how much of a bar humbug you are there's got to be something that brings out your festive cheer.
K is for... kindness which I don't think should be exclusive to Christmas. It would be nice if we took a little more time to look after those around us.
L is for... Lights everywhere which is one of my favourite parts of the festive season. They bring so much light into the darker nights of the British winter at this time of year.
M is for... Music, What would Christmas be without a festive playlist. One of my all time favourites is last Christmas by Wham.
N is for... Night time when all I wanna do is get cozy with a book. The darker nights have done wonders for my reading.
O is for... Ornaments from my childhood, my parents have a Santa T-light holder they bought the year I was born for my first Christmas and it's still going strong.
P is for... Pajamas, with Christmas comes a fresh new pair of pajamas to snuggle up in. It's become some what of a Christmas tradition but I don't think I'm alone with this one.
Q is for... Queues, in Lush especially but to be honest that's the only place this year I've experienced any (online shopping yeh?).
R is for... Robin as I couldn't think of anything else but it's so special to spot a robin checking out your bird feeder at this time of year.
S is for... Shopping, which is what all the companies want you to think Christmas is about but you can't not go shopping can you. There's always the option of homemade gifts if you want to take a step back from the high street.
T is for... Tree's indoors as decoration. I really want to research into when we decided to do this and why. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in at this time of year as we lack nature and it's beauty.
U is for... Unity as humanity to be more charitable and think about more than ourselves.
V is for... Vacation and time to unwind. I can not wait for some time away from work to relax with the intention of going back fresh and ready to face the year ahead.
W is for... Winter Walks because the scenery in winter can be some of the nicest especially if you're lucky enough to be going on a snowy walk.
X is for... Xmas, the big day. In recent years Christmas day hasn't really been that eventful unlike the week around the date, with all the parties and visiting.
Y is for... Yummy scents, hot drinks and Christmas cake. I've bought a big Stilton cheese wheel that I can not wait to start eating. I had my first Christmas cake of the year last night.
Z is for... Zero degrees which it's not at the moment because it's been unseasonably warm but I'm hoping for a white Christmas this year.
This was rather hard as you can imagine some letters just don't have that many Christmas themed words associated with them (I copied a few I was that stuck). I enjoyed writing this post so much and I'm looking forward to the weekend and my blogmas post prep for the week to come.
 Let me know if you do the tag, I'm interested to see what you pick.

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  1. This is so cute! I kind of want to do it (but I have a different tag going up tomorrow, so now I'm conflicted, haha)! We'll see ;) Harry Potter, oh man. It just is so Christmas-y, but I can't understand why. The television station in Canada that plays things like Doctor Who and Supernatural and that sort of thing do a Harry Potter marathon every Christmas ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. New pajamas around Christmas time is a must for me too!

  3. I love the fact that Christmas is for so many people the time to read Harry Potter again. :D Also, I love winter walks. It's just so beautiful and cold outside and it's so nice to come back into the warm house afterwards.
    Patti Shifting Tales