Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Shopping Survival Guide | #BLOGMAS Day 4

Hi, Every year I have good intentions of going on one shopping trip to get all of my Christmas list bought and put under the tree, only that never happens. The problem with the Christmas shopping spree is that you are one of many people trying to buy the same item in the same stores and well it can all get a bit over whelming. Have you been in Lush at Christmas time? my local store was practically queuing out the door (exaggeration but only because the staff had an genius system in place). My point is that hitting the shops can be rather stressful but I have some helpful tips to get us through our Christmas shopping.

Christmas Shopping Survival Guide

Plan Ahead
Don't leave the house until you have a rough idea of gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list. Once you know where you want to shop. You can always browse for that one person who's difficult to buy for but you'll save time if you know which stores you need to visit.

Look For Vouchers
If possible save money, look for in store vouchers before you head out to the shops. Make note of online offers too, if you're organised and have time to order those heavier items make life easier and get them deliver.

Enlist Help
Drag the reluctant other half to carry the bags or join forces with an allied shopper to take the sting out of the day.

Dress Appropriately
I think this is obvious but you're going to be on your feet all day so make sure you're wearing shoes that look after your feet and wrap up warm, it's December it gets cold, brrrrr. 

Take Breaks
Don't be afraid to have a break and recharge, a warming cup of hot chocolate will give you the needed energy to continue.

Take Reusable Bags
Now that bags are chargeable in the UK it's a good idea to take some old bags or your trusty tote to the shops to save some pennies. It's also great for the environment so you can feel super about doing your bit by looking after the planet.

You Deserve a Treat Too
You're on a shopping trip spending money on all your nearest and dearest, don't forget about yourself. You could pick up a cheeky bath bomb or a festive nail varnish. 

Finish With a Meal
You deserve to treat yourself after all that hard work, so go grab some food, you'll need the energy to carry all those presents home.

Have Fun
It's Christmas! I love walking around looking at all the lights and decorations which just make everything look so much more magical and takes the darkness away from the winter. The best part about buying gifts is knowing you've got something special that the recipient will love.

 Have you got any tips to add?

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