Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Book Suggestions | #BLOGMAS Day 15

Hi, Today I've got a selection of Christmas/Winter themed books to match your reading material with the time of year. My own opinion of Christmas books is that they're by default a little bit tacky unless done well. The seasonal setting of a story and reading at the same time of year make for a lovely reading experience and it brings a little extra atmosphere into the mundane. I've tried to pick a selection of different styles of writing to cover all tastes.

Christmas Book Suggestions

- Terry Pratchett
The Hogfather is the Discworlds version of Santa, this particular Christmas he's unable to deliver all the presents so he hires Death to help. The discworld novels are interesting because they are not of this world but then mimic it in so many interesting ways. I've not read this book but previous stories featuring death have been funny so I look forward to giving this one a go.

Do you have any Christmas favourites?

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  1. It's so true, reading Christmas stories at Christmas time makes the story become more real and that extra bit more exciting. I love reading Harry Potter at Christmas time. I've never read the other ones you've mentioned even though A Christmas Carol is such a classic and I definitely should read it one day.
    Patti Shifting Tales