Friday, December 9, 2016

My Favourite Things About Christmas | #BLOGMAS Day 9

Hi, Today I wanted to talk about my favourite parts of the festive season. Overall Christmas is a time to think about others and give thanks, a time for indulgence and fun. It's a big part of the year even though in reality it's only 24 hours. Here in the UK it gives us something to take our minds of the darker days and a reason to party. So here are my favourite things about Christmas.

My Favourite Things About Christmas

Family and Friends
Christmas makes you take the time to see family and friends, some of which you probably haven't had the time or funds to see since last year. Christmas is great for bringing everyone together to celebrate.

Traditions and Memories
Christmas has a way of anchoring memories in the mind and repetition from traditions add to these memories. Every year since I was a baby we've had a Christmas Eve party and I have so many fond memories of the people and the games we'd play.

The Food and Drink
There's so much festive themed food and drink at this time of year, it's rather hard to not over indulge but it's pretty much encouraged. Christmas markets are a great way to indulge in both, I love heading out and getting some mulled wine on a cold winters day. There are some festive treats that only appear in the shops at Christmas time which makes them all the more special.

There's something magical about putting up all the Christmas decorations and feeling cosy indoors away from the bitter cold (it's actually been unseasonably warm lately). I think my favourite part though is seeing everything lit up. I've seen some really impressive houses decorated in lights this year, with every bit of space filled.

Gift Giving
Buying that perfect gift gives me such a happy feeling. I try to think of a really personal gift (I'm not a fan of gift sets), something that the recipient would really want or need. I really enjoy wrapping presents too, I'll save them all up and get everything wrapped in one go with Christmas tunes and some mulled wine to hand.

New Pajamas
With Christmas comes a brand new pair of snugly pajamas. I tend to just wear a mismatch of what ever I can find and tend not to buy sets. My mum always buys me a new set so Christmas night I have a fresh pair of pajamas to curl up in, which is a perfect end to the day.

Time Off Work
I'm lucky that my place of work closes for the week between Christmas and New Year so I have some time for a bit of relaxation (I'm sure if this wasn't compulsory I'd still book it off). I have many trips to the cinema's planned and 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is at the top of the list.

What's your favourite part of Christmas?

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  1. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is definitely the decorations, as well! They're just so pretty, and you can sometimes see such creative set-ups. On Christmas Eve we drive around town looking at lights and so on :) But I also just really like having the time at home. We don't go far on Christmas or Boxing Day, so just sitting at home, reading or whatever, is perfect!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. One of my most favourite parts of Christmas is also spending time with the family, and all the lights. It's just so cosy and warm inside and I really like that when it's cold and dark outside. The lights on the Chrsitmas tree, the windows and the candles on the Advent wreath (might be a German thing) are so festive and beautiful.
    Patti Shifting Tales