Tuesday, December 6, 2016

7 Gift Ideas That Give Back | #BLOGMAS Day 6

Hi, Today I wanted to talk about gifts but more importantly gifts that give back in one way or another. I think it's important at this time of year when commercialization is so strong to take a step back and take a look at the planet that we owe our existence too (wow that got deep). Okay back to the light hearted festivities, I've got a selection of gifts that are a great way to take care of our planet and the people we share it with.

Gift Ideas That Give Back

Reusable Coffee Cups/Water Bottles
I can't quote numbers but as a planet we use a crazy mind boggling amount of paper cups and plastic bottles, most of which end up in land fill. Our planet for the moment is plentiful but what happens when these common materials become harder to source. It might not happen in our life time but I'd like to not be known as the generation of wastefulness.

Tote Bags
This is also helpful on the wallet as in the UK plastic bags are now chargeable to try to stop so much plastic ending up on our beaches (I'm sure I heard a report that said it has already made a positive difference). Tote bags are really useful and something everyone should have handy.

Buy Ethical/Cruelty Free
Being aware of where products come from and how they are produced is really important. I choose to go cruelty free this year and it's made me aware of how little some companies care about welfare. There are great brands like Lush and Body Shop who go out of there way to fund raise, create awareness for issues and supply products made with fair trade ingredients which are cruelty free.

Gifts that are made hold more value, by reusing materials you already have you can make things that are gift worthy at very little cost to both yourself and the environment. The humble loo roll is used in lots of DIY's this time of year, Pinterest is the best place to check for inspiration!

Second Hand/Recycled
Sometimes the perfect gift doesn't need to be brand new. It's great for the environment if you're not buying stock that's mass produced in lots of packaging. A gift doesn't need to be new, books are a great example of recyclable gifts and you can probably get more for your money.

A Donation
Okay not so glamorous but a lot of people I know ask for a donation to be made on their behalf as a Christmas gift. Charities are quite happy to promote themselves at this time of year by also offering a welcome gift to a donation program so you'll also get a gift to wrap (I'm thinking the World Wide Fund for Nature on this one, so many cuddly animals).

An Anonymous Gift
Linking back to my #ReverseAdvent post you can give an anonymous gift of food to someone in need this Christmas. There are also Charities asking for Gifts for Children at Christmas time, do some research into your local charities if this is something you'd like to do.

Do you think that Christmas is a little wasteful? Do have anything to add?

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  1. I love this post, Sam! I agree so much with what you write and I actually had an idea for a similar post. I think at this time of the year people tend to buy so many unnecessary things. For the reusable cups, I actually have one to recommend. I recently bought one from KeepCup and they come in quite a few different colours as well which is really nice.
    Patti Shifting Tales